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©2019 by Madison Farrell.

I have pursued creativity all my life. From fashion to music to writing, I’ve hopscotched my way through many fields. Each one delivered different experiences that shaped my relationship with words and set me on the path of novel writing. The constant that has connected all my creativity over the years is the belief in the impossible.

I usually refer to that belief as “magic.” Sometimes that includes fantasy and wands and winged creatures; other times I’m simply talking about the real-ness of hope and wonder all around us each day despite awful circumstances. It’s this “magic” which I’ve dedicated my blog to!

As a writer of children’s middle grade fiction, usually fantasy or magical realism, building worlds (or re-modeling this one) full of enchanted mayhem and brave kids is what I love to do. Because I still wish to be like the characters I journeyed with as a child in The Silmarillion, Star Wars, and The Chronicles of Narnia. And I believe there’s another girl out there who wishes to be like them, too. I’m writing for both of us. 

Stay Enchanting!